Delivery Information

At, you can order all the books you want via our online procedure. If you are looking for the study books, white papers, or journals on the website, then should be aware of your courses and the course number.

How to order?

For the ordering purpose, first go into the available books in order to select a few you want. Select them and then add to cart. After adding them into the cart, if you want another book, then go back to the respective section and choose other books and same like before, add them into the cart too. If you are done with your shopping, then click on the Checkout tab. Make the payment by choosing your mode of payment. Payment can be made either by credit card, debit card, or via few other payment systems. After doing payment, you will receive a confirmation email, which will indicate that your order has been placed. You will also get the confirmation call from any representative of

Starting the Process

We get orders from all over the world, thus, the time difference can be a concern. When we receive any order from any other region, we inform the buyer that how much time it will take to deliver the order at his or her doorstep.

However, if the orders are from within US, then we hardly take 5-6 working days for delivering the books at the defined placed.

Unavailability of the books

Not all the books can be US published; hence, here is a possibility that we have to make calls to our other offices in other countries to check the availability of the ordered book. In any such situation, the order may get late for some time depending on the availability of the book and the location of the buyer. The company will inform the buyer about the actual status.

Quality Assurance

All the books available at are in real condition and published by the original publishers. We ensure that the bookbinding should be of perfect quality so that the readers may enjoy reading their books.


For the quick delivery of books to our buyers, we choose the services of the best courier company. Our hired courier services ensured the timely delivery of your desired books at your doorstep. 

Are you not ready to purchase?

If you feel like not buying the books at any moment, you can save the searched items in the shopping cart for later purchasing process. By checking the side tick box, you can save the items into the Wish List. Later when you need to purchase those items, simply go to the Wish List and make a purchase.

Sales Tax

The sales tax is imposed on all the purchases you make. The tax charges will be calculated before shipping the order. This is because the tax rates may vary from time to time.

Order Status

The customers can check their order status by logging into the “My Account” tab. It is simple. Write your email address and password to see the details of your current order.

Credit card details

Booksfare has very serious concerns regarding your credit card details. The credit card details are encoded with the encryption.

Booksfare facilitates its each and every customer with effective, efficient, and safe ordering system.