Privacy Policy

Privacy is the imperative concern at Booksfare. Our privacy guidelines describe the security matters and the watchful policy under which the Booksfare conducts its operations. We take greater care of our customers’ personal information.

Compilation of Personal Information at Booksfare

The company requires some of your personal information when you contribute to our online survey or make purchases from our website. We need to have your name, phone number, email address, mailing address, etc. The social security number will also be needed under some very special situations.

We also use your personal information to send you the latest promotions, deals, sales offer, and notices regarding purchases or deliveries. We also need some information from your personal details when we make amendments in our terms and conditions, or the policy matters.

With the help of your personal details, we get assistance in improving our services. We can request you even for the provision of ideas to develop our company, its products, and the provided content or books. By using your personal information, we can also assess the advertising of our company.

For the data examination, auditing, and research purposes, we need to have your personal details and, therefore, we use them in our internal matters.

Consumer’s Responsibility

Whenever you get into any chartroom or the public forum via our website for sharing your views, they ask some of your personal information, which is not the responsibility of the Booksfare. We recommend our online visitors to be careful about it, as the company will not be held responsible in case of any hassle at any third-party site.

Protecting the Personal Details

At Booksfare, we care about the safety and security of your personal information. The company uses all the measures to safeguard your information. We are against all the loss, theft, disclosure, or misuse of the clients’ personal information.

We ensure complete security to your personal information by Secure Sockets Layers (SSL), as we are the online store; hence, this encryption is imposed on all the web pages of our website. We advise all the online visitors to use specific browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and internet explorer while making the purchases to void any hassle. It will secure your personal information when you will log in. You can also look into the details of your personal information by logging in and can also edit the data, if required.

Children Policy

Booksfare has this policy of not gathering any information of the children under 13 years old. If any such situation occurs and gets into our knowledge, we delete that information instantly.

Our Commitment

We ensure that all of our visitors’ personal information remains secured and for this, we keep a regular check on how our IT teams are performing to achieve this target.

The company holds different meetings for discussing the security issues and safeguard tactics, which we may enforce for the safety of our clients’ data.

We request our customers to inform us about any mishap if they experience or witness any data leakage or if they have concerns about our privacy policy.

Booksfare is a responsible company to hear its clients.